Interesting custom content display challenge

Over at we keep track of when and where Raincoast and Raincoast affiliated researchers show up in the media. It’s called In the News. And for the purposes of tracking this, we made a custom content type. For display purposes, as an archive, we would like to be able to display the entire content, not just the excerpts. And we want to display them as a masonry layout, not in a grid. And we want to be able to sort them by tag and/or category.

So to recap:

  • display a custom content type
  • display the full content, not excerpt
  • in a flexible layout, like masonry, (not as a grid)
  • filtered or organized by tag and category
  • able to turn off image display

Optional additional parameter: it would be better if a solution used Gutenberg blocks, not a shortcode system.

Plugins that we tried and didn’t work

Possible Directions

With Gutenberg plugins we are finding that many otherwise good options still won’t display full posts. Maybe we will need to rely on pull-outs?

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