What struck me most about those who rioted

I can’t find the the source of this quote. It’s Toni Morrison, and it’s right, but where is it from?

“What struck me most about those who rioted was how long they waited—the restraint they showed. Not the spontaneity, the restraint. They waited and waited for justice, and it didn’t come. No one talks about that…” – Toni Morrison on the Los Angeles riots, 1993

I’ll come back to looking for it. This lecture is awesome.

And this audio is also awesome: “It’s important to know who the real enemy is and to know the very serious function of racism, which is distraction. It keeps you from doing YOUR WORK. It keeps you explaining over and over your reason for being.” – http://www.arraynow.com/our-blog-archive/2015/8/13/toni-morrison-on-black-artists

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