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We do this because we’re curious about various online publishing tools and techniques and we care about user experience, readability, information architecture and accessibility.

Design and communications

How to delay your website’s RSS feed

May 14, 20214 min read

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an open-source web feed that allows users and applications to access websites updates in a standardized format that’s easy for computers to read. It’s from…

Birdsong and Victoria’s city soundscape

Apr 8, 20212 min read

In the last year, I’ve gotten really into birding, and I’m not the only one. Beyond just looking at and identifying birds, I’ve come to enjoy learning about bird-related issues.…

Creativity and the COVID era

Apr 8, 20211 min read

The current shutdown of indoor dining in Victoria has created a problem for the restaurant industry. How to keep small businesses running and folks employed, while maintaining health and safety…

Fearless and fun design with Simone Giertz

Mar 26, 20211 min read

As a maker of digital (and occasionally tangible) things, I love watching makers who use big, solid materials like wood, metal, and in this case, a Tesla. Also, a great…

Ologies podcast can teach us heaps about interviews and story telling

Mar 24, 20211 min read

Ooh, nerds. The best. Also, amazing interviewer. I wonder if she was ever a theatre or improve nerd. Alie Ward studied both science & film in college and was a…

Desmond Cole and Robyn Maynard, Beyond the Police State

Mar 12, 20211 min read

Robyn Maynard and Desmond Cole share their thoughts in this compelling talk on issues surrounding abolitionism. From ideas like world-building, and the importance of acknowledging the work and history of…