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We care about design and communication stuff. This is a place where we test things, and make notes.

Gardening and watching things grow.

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We do this because we’re curious about various online publishing tools and techniques and we care about user experience, readability, information architecture and accessibility.

Design and communications

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Nov 2, 20181 min read

Hmm, this plugin looks interesting. Should test it out. It connects to

Some WP themes I’ve looked at over the years

Jun 5, 20181 min read

Some WP themes I’ve looked at, include: Ocin LiteevolveElma StudiosCroccanteChosenReykjavik

Fixing SSL when there’s a challenge problem

May 4, 20181 min read

This may be helpful if you see Challenge request failed for domain

Auto generating permalinks

Feb 24, 20181 min read

Here’s a plugin: