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We do this because we’re curious about various online publishing tools and techniques and we care about user experience, readability, information architecture and accessibility.

Design and communications

In praise of water: World Water Day

Mar 22, 20231 min read

Since 1993, people around the world have been marking March 22 as World Water Day (WWD), an opportunity for everyone to take a moment and appreciate all that water provides.…

Rejecting science has a long history – the pandemic showed what happens when you ignore this

Mar 18, 20235 min read

Fear engulfed everyone during the pandemic. Yet when a vaccine became available, it was met with fierce resistance. Anti-vaccination crowds formed, and some of these groups argued this vaccine was against…

Research: trolls don’t just enjoy hurting others, they also feel good about themselves

Mar 9, 20235 min read

There is an urgent need to understand why people troll. Recent Australian estimates show about one in three internet users have experienced online harassment. Across several research studies, I have attempted to construct the…

At Sea with the Marine Birds of the Raincoast: a review

Mar 8, 20232 min read

At Sea with the Marine Birds of the Raincoast, by Caroline Fox, provides a comprehensive summary of the many marine birds found along the craggy coastline of British Columbia. It’s…