Graphic design & communications lab

We care about design and communication stuff. This is a place where we test things, and make notes.

Gardening and watching things grow.

Curious about design

We do this because we’re curious about various online publishing tools and techniques and we care about user experience, readability, information architecture and accessibility.

Design and communications

UserWay accessibility tools

Oct 11, 20201 min read

These tools come in free and premium versions, and are in use currently at CFUV.

Katharina Grosse: when I started painting I stopped reading

Oct 9, 20201 min read

Painting is less linear than writing and reading. More synchronous. I love these explorations by Katharina Grosse. Colour is a spatial feature. Sculpture and painting do not need to be…

Just heard about online / on land

Sep 29, 20201 min read

I haven’t seen these yet, but they come recommended by Project Respect. Open Space hosted this project in the spring. “These videos were made in response to COVID. During the…

Is This For Real? is a journalistic podcast about being Black in Edmonton

Sep 22, 20201 min read

Hosted by Oumar Salifou and Hannan Mohamud. Is This For Real? Edmonton is home to a large and established Black community. Black people have been here for hundreds of years,…