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Working with breadcrumbs tied to menus

Once in a while, a client will have a large number of reference pages on their WordPress website. We don’t necessarily want to include them all in a main navigation structure. But we do want a kind of navigation for these reference pages.

In this kind of situation it can be very handy to have breadcrumbs based on menus. Over the years I have used the Custom Menu Wizard Widget. This plugin is quite amazing, but it hasn’t been updated for three years.

So far Custom Menu Wizard continues to work and here’s the shortcode I use for creating a breadcrumb based on a page’s location in a navigational menu. The menu is referenced by the id number.

[cmwizard menu=#XYZ branch=current depth=1 ancestors=-4 flat_output=1/]

Simpler solution using Menu Breadcrumb

There’s also this plugin, Menu Breadcrumb, but it’s even older (six years since an update). It actually works a little better imho. Here’s some related links.

In order to make this work, I have used Menu Breadcrumb, XYZ PHP Code, a Code Snippet (to add the menu), and some breadcrumb CSS to make it look nice.

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