Working with breadcrumbs tied to menus

Once in a while, a client will have a large number of reference pages on their WordPress website. We don’t necessarily want to include them all in a main navigation structure. But we do want a kind of navigation for these reference pages.

In this kind of situation it can be very handy to have breadcrumbs based on menus. Over the years I have used the Custom Menu Wizard Widget. This plugin is quite amazing, but it hasn’t been updated for three years four years.

So far Custom Menu Wizard continues to work [update: maybe not] and here’s the shortcode I use for creating a breadcrumb based on a page’s location in a navigational menu. The menu is referenced by the id number.

[cmwizard menu=#XYZ branch=current depth=1 ancestors=-4 flat_output=1/]

Simpler solution using Menu Breadcrumb

There’s also this plugin, Menu Breadcrumb, but it’s even older (six years since an update) been recently updated. It actually works a little better imho. Here’s some related links.

In order to make this work, I have used Menu Breadcrumb, XYZ PHP Code, a Code Snippet (to add the menu), and some breadcrumb CSS to make it look nice.

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