Images to RSS Code Snippet

We use a code snippet to add Featured Images into our RSS feeds, but we wanted to see if that was still the best way to do it.

I just did some preliminary research. My opinion is that our method remains the easiest and most reliable, but here are some plug-ins I explored:

If I was going to choose a plug-in to replace our code snippet method I would choose “Featured Images in RSS for Mailchimp & Other Email.” It has the best reviews, and has been the most recently updated.

The “Featured Image in RSS Feed” plug-in wouldn’t activate because of a “fatal error.” Not a promising start!

“Add Featured Image to RSS Feed” has not been updated recently, but it is a possibility if our method ever stops working. I did not want to install it because of a review from 2020 that said: “It works but it adds an array of images (srcset) and I found that this breaks some aggregators that expect just the single img src.” Didn’t seem worth it when our method still works!

So my conclusion is that our method is not at all outdated, and is perhaps the most reliable, but there are other possibilities!

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